Feel Better and Get Results

Dr. Kendall invites you uncover your body’s amazing healing potential through the combined application of Acupuncture and Chiropractic. 21-Day BEST is designed to offer you consistent care to restore balance and tap into your body’s hidden energy supply.

Dr. Jud developed this package as a way to introduce more people to the benefits of consistent acupuncture by greatly reducing these treatment cost by 30%. He is confident that you will see results when treating chronic injuries or simply by setting a new baseline of health.


“More people need to experience the subtle power of acupuncture. It has a profound effect to jump start your body’s healing potential and give you a baseline of your health and energy systems.” — Dr. Jud Kendall

Breakthrough Phase

Addressing Your Symptoms

  • Consistent care over 21-days with 6 office visits
  • 6 Chiropractic adjustments
  • 3 Acupuncture session (Baseline, Balancing, Renewal)
  • Discovery/Uncover Identify & Treat

Rebuild Phase

Care, Education & Participation

  • Monthly acupuncture & chiropractic care
  • Video library of foundation exercises & mindfulness techniques
  • Assess progress and consider monthly packages
  • Support help you participate in your health
  • Expect improvements in symptoms, energy, mobility, strength and sleep.

Transformational Phase

Seasonal Care & Renewal

  • Longevity plan with consistent care every 21 days
  • Savings Packages (10-20% savings)
  • Only 17 visits a year to be your BEST
  • With your body showing remarkable progress, treatments are reduced towards maintenance with twice monthly care.

No matter how good you feel you can always feel better.

All of us want to be our best in life. The problem is that we make no special effort to keep our body in tune with all the craziness of life. In order to be your BEST, you must do your BEST to incorporate simple awareness into your daily routine.

In light of this, Dr. Kendall has created a 21-Day BEST.  We want you to be your BEST and your participation is required. At home or office, your task is to work on your breathing, eating, stretching and thinking. At the office, let Dr. Kendall assist with tune ups to the acupuncture and chiropractic systems. Your participation will improve your daily well being.


Breakthrough Package

$450 for 6 office visits and 9 treatments

The body makes permanent cellular change in 21 days. When you start to think of your own healing and health related experiences, even major joint injuries and fractures, although not fully functional, feel much improved in three weeks.

Dr. Kendall invites you to take an active role in your healing process for 6 sessions over 21 days. That’s 9 treatments for $50 each — a $90 savings on Acupuncture treatments.



Establish a Baseline

  • 1st visit: Chiropractic & acupuncture treatment after an exam to identify symptoms along with acupuncture pulse diagnosis for a baseline.
  • 2nd visit: Chiropractic Adjustment and introduction to ‘Foundational Exercises’ on website.

Achieve Balance:

  • 3rd visit: Acupuncture and Chiropractic adjustment.
  • 4th visit: Chiropractic adjustment  and Recap of exercises and improvement through daily mindfulness techniques.

Experience Renewal

  • 5th visit: Third acupuncture treatment and chiropractic adjustment.
  • Chiropractic Adjustment and more to fortify daily postures/mindfulness/foundational techniques.

Call now to get more out of your health.


* You have 28 days to use the treatment package from the first day of service.  After that services return to regular price.