Longevity Development

What is longevity development? It is the commitment to self of the future.

Why? Peacefulness is becoming rare, unless we focus a commitment, longevity is out of our reach.

Why chiropractic and acupuncture treatments? The fast track to structural and organic correction especially when paired with defined meditation.

What is this defined meditation? With education and understanding of LD and the body’s connections, a just sitting there meditation becomes a healing experience.

How do I learn this? First, this is difficult to learn yet easy to develop when you gain perspective on what longevity is to you personally. Next, is to learn to receive treatment fully and consistently.

21 days is the time required for cellular change in the body, as well as, the time required to change or create any habit, be it postural, eating, vice, or pain pattern. As LD begins start with 21 day blocks, expecting new benchmarks, as well as running into roadblocks, and overcoming them.

We would like for you to take our 21 Day Challenge