Today let our focus be on eating and how simple it is to make better choices. Again, what is your typical daily routine? Do you go throughout the day munching or do you starve yourself until dinner? This is not our focus. Actually both are viable options if you go about it the right way. If all you are eating is dead food you cannot expect to be fed. So let your focus be on live food and trying to find a clean source. It is very near impossible to find a clean source of lunch or dinner in Americana, with this fact put on the side just look for live food.


Yes, you are correct: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, & Violet.

If you want to eat better start eating the colors of the rainbow. It turns out to be a fun project and way for the entire family to eat new things! As it turns out Mother Nature makes purple potatoes, everybody loves potatoes! And then you have blueberries, eggplant, purple cabbage, there’s plenty of choices.

So put some color on your plate enjoy the new flavors and start feeling better…no, your B.E.S.T.

‘If all you are eating is dead food you cannot expect to be fed.’

On this planet everything rusts or oxidizes, just as iron or when a cut apple brown’s on the counter, the same happens to grain as well. Any grain that has been milled for more than four days becomes rancid, or starts to oxidize. This decreases the nutritional value to almost every item we buy in the store, especially the prepackaged foods to go like breakfast cereal, and crackers or chips.

So think about your source of food, add colors to your plate and make a cleaner choice for breakfast lunch and dinner!

Longevity Development

What is longevity development? It is the commitment to self of the future.

Why? Peacefulness is becoming rare, unless we focus a commitment, longevity is out of our reach.

Why chiropractic and acupuncture treatments? The fast track to structural and organic correction especially when paired with defined meditation.

What is this defined meditation? With education and understanding of LD and the body’s connections, a just sitting there meditation becomes a healing experience.

How do I learn this? First, this is difficult to learn yet easy to develop when you gain perspective on what longevity is to you personally. Next, is to learn to receive treatment fully and consistently.

21 days is the time required for cellular change in the body, as well as, the time required to change or create any habit, be it postural, eating, vice, or pain pattern. As LD begins start with 21 day blocks, expecting new benchmarks, as well as running into roadblocks, and overcoming them.

We would like for you to take our 21 Day Challenge

Reluctant to Change

Traditional Chinese Medicine, in the East is much more than just Acupuncture. The goal is to have balance in all we do, and the ancients realized this goal is not approachable from just one vantage.

Four uniquely different avenues are needed to stay on the path of balance with TCM.

First is Acupuncture. Simply using stimulation very precisely on the human body to evoke change in the tissues, emotional and organic systems.

Second is Tui Na. Body and range of motion work of the tissues and joint movement, closely related to modern chiropractic adjustments.

Third is Herbology and diet. Herbs and food energy help certain organs and systems of the body, and when regulated can evoke great shifts in the human.

Finally is Qi Qong and Tai Chi. Designed to still the mind, forms and movements of the body to balanced energy to all parts through daily participation.

It is unreasonable to think that we, in our time of modern convenience, can get away with non participation. Reluctant we are to change our ways, or path in life, for the sake of convenience. Time to focus on self and make health a priority.

Dr Kendall is hopeful that along with the acupuncture and chiropractic already offered, the addition of breathing, eating, stretching, and thinking education will assist you towards being your BEST!

The Simple Science of Acupuncture

For thousands of years the chinese have trusted the human body for all daily functions. The ancients observed that the energy we receive is from the food, air <!-more–>and drink we consume. This energy called chi, or vital force, was found to be influenced and directed by stimulation of the body at very specific points. This stimulation can be achieved many diferent ways, the preferred method being the use of needles.

FAST FORWARD…….In the early 1980’s, the western world had proven that all matter is made of atoms. The Russian’s, with this knowledge, set out to prove that chinese acupuncture was not based in science. Rather they felt acupuncture was eastern philosophy. The plan was to look for the absence of electrical conductivity and change on the surface of the skin, proving that there is no acupuncture system. After using an impedance meter on thousands of subjects, the russian conclusion was that yes indeed there was influence of electricity on the surface of the human body, just as the chinese have predicted and used for millennia.

Trust Required

Acupuncture is based upon trust. Trust in the doctor, trust in the system, trust in the body, trust in the needles, the… The first thought and concern usually revolves around the tool used for centuries by acupuncturists, the needle.

“How many?” “Does it hurt?” “Are they sterile?” “How deep do they go?”

All are very common questions with my typical answer of “It is more comfortable than you would think.” In order to assure comfort for my patients, I researched and tried many diferent needle companies before choosing a brand I felt was the most balanced and comfortable. The needles are always single use, sterile, stainless steel, and they are inserted using a guide tube allowing a painless treatment method.

After the anxiety and apprehension fade from the first few needles, patients typically start to relax the muscles of their bodies and face, as their breathing rhythm naturally shifts to more relaxed and deep. This is trusting the system of acupuncture, and trusting the bodies ability. The patients symptoms are always first priority, but often it is the balancing efect of acupuncture which is the most rewarding and enjoyable dynamic of care.

Bi better

‘Bi’ (pronounced bee) means stagnation or obstruction or lazy, in the chinese language. It is our daily life of business and stress which distract our bodies own energies and functions, described as ‘Bi Syndrome’. The spine and nervous system corrected with chiropractic adjustments, the organic and tissue energy directed with the acupuncture needle, motivates improvement

We all get lazy

We all get lazy. Just like us, our bodies stop doing all the necessary functions of daily life, and symptoms appear. Acupuncture along with chiropractic, simply motivates your body towards working correctly.

We all get lazy. Let’s admit it, who doesn’t enjoy taking it easy. Making the excuse to do nothing seems to be a highest priority among Americans now a day. The problem with this lifestyle is more than socially hindering, we can actually be harming our bodies. Just like us, when we are lazy our body’s normal physiological and biological process stop doing all the necessary functions of daily life, and symptoms appear. Movement is needed on a cellular level, which requires activity. Daily exercise doesn’t require going to a gym in a fancy getup, actually all the exercise you need can be addressed with a 40-45 minute walk.

~~For even the most lazy can walk. ~~

Still it will be difficult for many of us to find the correct timing of an exercise protocol. Proper eating and sleep always help can be a first step, but, adding regular acupuncture along with chiropractic, simply motivates your body towards working correctly